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October 2014

Stocking Up Sale!

Save an additional 10% off  our already discounted bulk product prices.
This sale affects over 160 products.




It's been 3 years since our last "stocking up" sale, and many of you have been patiently waiting.


This sale is for our retail customers, buying club members and wholesale stores.  I know many of you will be pleased with the additional savings.


This sale runs through the end of October 2014 but only on products that are in stock, so order now while our supplies last!











Get a free 330 ml Coconut Milk with all orders over $50


Get a free 330 ml Coconut
and Coconut Cream with all orders over $100 on every order placed during October

Raw Cacao & Raw Chocolate

Bulk bags and cases on sale.


Wilderness Family Naturals has many foods made with organic, raw cacao such as a raw chocolate syrup, hot chocolate and Coco Bliss bars.  But we also have raw organic cacao powder (both fermented and non-fermented), raw cacao nibs, a nut butter made with hazelnuts and raw cacao and organic raw cacao butter.


Lots of Coconut Products

Bulk bags and cases on sale.


Wilderness Family Naturals probably has the largest selection of Coconut Products of any company in the US.  We have 3 types of organic coconut oil, organic popcorn oil (a blend of coconut and red palm oil), 4 types of raw coconut flakes, 2 types of coconut milk powder, 4 types of coconut spread (coconut butter) coconut vinegar, coconut sugar, coconut syrup, snack bars made from coconut, etc.. If you need something made from coconut or you need a coconut ingredient, we probably have it.


All coconut products are on sale in bulk during October except for the coconut oils.  Sales are so high on these oils that we sometimes struggle to keep them in stock.  Unfortunately, right now we do not have enough supply to offer them on sale.



Organic Nuts and Seeds
Bulk bags and cases on sale.

Each year Wilderness Family Naturals purchases thousands of pounds of nuts from small organic family farms in the US and abroad.  We soak and dehydrate these nuts, offering them in one pound bags and a "snack" size


We also sell raw, organic nuts straight from the grower in bulk 25# boxes.  So purchase the soaked and dehydrated nuts by the case and in bulk or get raw nuts and a great price during this fantastic "stocking up" sale.



Dressings & Traditional Oils

Bulk bags and cases on sale.


Wilderness Family Naturals only uses traditional, non-refined oils like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw, Unrefined Sesame Seed Oil, Red Palm Oil and Organic Coconut Oil. These oils have a very long shelf-life and tend to be stable when used for cooking. Now is the time to order a large container or case of your favorite oils and dressings made from these oils.  Only the Bulk Coconut Oils are not on sale during out "Stocking Up for Winter" Sale.




Natural Sweeteners, Organic Dried Fruits and Snack Foods

Bulk bags and cases on sale.


Natural Sweeteners such as Muscovado, Coconut Sap

Sugar, Coconut Syrup,Coco Monkey and Organic Raw Agave as well as Organic Dried, Sliced Mango, Goji Berries and Golden berries are filling our warehouse and can be purchased in bulk or by the case for 10% off the already lower prices.


For those of you who love our Coco Bliss Bars or Ambrosia Bars, now is the time to stock up and purchase by the case.


Rice & Grains

Bulk bags and cases on sale.


Thanksgiving and Christmas are the perfect time for wild rice and Northern Minnesota along with areas just across the border into Canada is the premium place to get the "real thing".


"Real" wild rice grows wild in the lakes around this area and it grows prolifically. It also keeps very well and is one of the best grains to use for long term storage. Wilderness Family Naturals has three different types or "grades" of wild rice, but all are the truly natural rice that nature plants and nurtures and not the California grown hybrid.


Also, at a special price this month, you will find organic quinoa from Bolivia and our special red and black rice from the Philippines.



 Minnesota's State Bird: Common Loon



I was born in California and moved to Iowa with my parents and  younger sister when I was 3.  My husband, Ken, was born in a Chicago suburb, but moved to Indiana as a child.  So both of us heard crickets in the evening as children and loved to catch fireflies in open fields, even though we lived in different states.  Cottontail rabbits were abundant and we saw lots of deer.  Oddly, we both knew places to pick wild berries and have lots of fond memories of outdoor adventures as children.  There are a lot of similarities amongst states such as Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, but life there is different than life in northern Minnesota!


20 years ago, Ken and I moved our young family from Iowa to Minnesota, and though it was much wilder than Iowa or Indiana and we loved the lakes and forests, we really missed the sound of crickets in July and August. I think we were both surprised at how different life was for us up here.  The weather was much colder, with more snow than we had ever seen, and the soil was all clay and rock. There are lots of hills (actually called mountains) and animals such as moose and cougar that we had never lived among previously. But Minnesota has a different beauty. We found some of the creatures here entertaining and very industrious, such as the beaver; and it was at the beaver ponds that we found a new set of noises.


Every June, thousands of frogs (of many different species) would call out (all night) looking for a mate from our beaver pond.  The rising and falling of their voices singing out was almost deafening at times and we lovingly called them "Minnesota Crickets." 


By mid June, the loons would fly in to make their nests.  Loons have the strangest, most unique calls of all the birds we have ever heard. They have a very large repertoire of communication and their loving serenade is one of the most beautiful sounds in the north woods of Minnesota.


There is definitely nothing "common" about the common loon.  All day and much of the night, a loon couple will talk with each other as one watches the young.  They team parent so they take turns with their different duties. Sometimes they call to each other like two love birds communicating where they are, sometimes to find their way back home, other times they are warning of danger or want to assure each other that everything is okay. The beauty of their communication is so intriguing and unique, it has become ingrained in my mind and now I much prefer it to the crickets of my childhood. 


Annette 10/9/2014

President, Wilderness Family Naturals



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