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Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream Are Back!!!

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Years ago WFN had wonderful coconut cream (24% fat) and coconut milk (17% fat). Unlike other organic coconut milks (some are around 2% fat while others are heated under pressure and high temperatures for 90 minutes), these products are very rich and creamy, yet sterilized in a few minutes and the closest you can get in America to fresh coconut milk. (Plus you aren't paying for water!)

To make a delicious whipped cream, just place the cream in the freezer over night, allow to thaw (get soft) in the morning.

Then cut open the container, pour into a bowl and whip. Sweeten with a little Coco Monkey (below), stevia or honey.


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Coconut Chia Pudding!


A relatively new product, this pudding mix requires only warm water and an over night stay in your refrigerator (or a few hours on your counter). It is made from coconut milk powder and chia seeds. You have your choice of sweeteners: CocoMonkey (featured below) or Evaporated Coconut Water (Coconut Sap Sugar). Simple and easy to make with a delicious taste, this is something everyone needs to try!


To see how this compares to other puddings click on each product separately!




CocoMonkey in TWO sizes!

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CocoMonkey is a product that exists because of one customer's inquiry. Unlike all other sweeteners, this powder contains organic freeze dried coconut water, organic inulin (fiber) and monk fruit extract. IT IS CERTIFIED ORGANIC and it's only calories come from fiber!


CocoMonkey melts in your mouth like cotton candy and can be used to sweeten anything. We have used it in whipped cream, pudding, smoothies, on fruit, even in cheese cake! Great for people who are limiting their carbohydrate intake!


Choose from 4.5 oz and 8 oz. containers.




Natural Red Palm Oil

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This Red Palm oil is higher in Oleic acid (the fat most commonly found in Olive oil) and lower in Steric acid (the most common fat in beef tallow), making it a liquid most of the year at room temperature and cloudy in the refrigerator. It is dark orange-red from all the carotenoids (pro-vitamin A), tocopherols (natural vitamin E's) and tocotrienols (important fat soluble vitamins). Lots has been written about Red Palm Oil and now is your chance to stock up!


Available in 500 ml jars and 1 gallon buckets.



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It is not uncommon for us to hear people comment about how odd it is that a company, located in one of the coldest areas of the United States is selling products like raw cacao and coconut.


We have news for them. There are two places that I know of that have wild orchids. One place is the tropical rainforest, where our products come from. They tend to grow where a branch attaches to the trunk of the tree and debris has fallen in that "V", rotted and created the perfect environment for an orchid to thrive.


The other place that I know orchids grow is here, in Northern Minnesota! Believe it or not, the flower above is an orchid called "pink lady's slipper". It grows in boggy swampy areas that have lots of organic matter. They are almost too beautiful to be a wild flower.


In the wilderness, behind our barn where lots of organic matter accumulates as the hill meets the swamp, we have a nice patch of lady's slipper. Delicate and beautiful, I understand why they are Minnesota's state flower.





A special Note From Our Family To Yours:


We hope you have a wonderful summer and take the time to enjoy friends and family. Often times we get lost in the busy-ness of life and neglect what is most important.


Warm Regards,
Ken and Annette Fischer


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