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Nuts & Seeds

Both raw, unprocessed nuts and seeds (straight from small organic family farms), as well as raw, soaked and dehydrated nuts and seeds (made in Wilderness Family Naturals' own commercial kitchen), are sold here.

Two nuts, our Almonds and our Cashews have been exposed to hot air for a short amount of time.

The cashews are still in their shell and this burst of hot air helps those shells to break during the shelling process, so the meat inside can come out whole rather than in pieces. The nut meat, inside the shell, receives very little or no heat.

The almonds we sell come from California and they are unbelievably sweet and delicious. As has been mandated by the USDA, these almonds have seen a slight bit of heat after they are shelled. However, these almonds, according to the grower, still sprout. Though we could still purchase unpasteurized almonds from Europe, the quality of California Almonds is so superior to European almonds that we finally made the decision to switch over and the customer response was overwhelming. Everybody loves these almonds and we agree. They are absolutely the best almonds you will ever taste.

All other nuts sold at Wilderness Family Naturals are completely raw. None are roasted.

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Nut Butters

Every hand-selected nut is grown on a family farm and organic. They are soaked and dehydrated at the Wilderness Family Naturals' facility in Minnesota, blended and then ground into delicious nut butters that have no rival. Choose from 5 different unbelievable combinations!

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Raw Nuts & Seeds

If you just want organic nuts and seeds of superior quality and don't care about the soaking and drying of them or want to do that yourself, then this is where you need to go. Same exceptional nuts from small organic farms, but because they require very little processing and are sold in bulk, these prices are extraordinary!

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Soaked & Dehydrated Nuts & Seeds (Crispy Nuts)

Beginning with hand-selected nuts from small organic farms and ending with careful quality control in our kitchens and laboratory tested to verify each batch, you can be assured these soaked and dehydrated nuts are the best available. Choose from a large assortment of nuts with a variety of sizes. Crunchy and delicious, you will be glad you did!

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Trail Mix

Special trail mixes made with a blend of organic, soaked and dehydrated nuts, colorful dried fruits and coconut. Great for those times when you can't stop to eat and want something healthy.

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