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Raw Cacao Ingredients

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The greatest consumption of cocoa in metric tons over the past 10 years has been in the United States, although the highest per capita consumer during this period was Switzerland. We all know how famous the Swiss are for their divine chocolates.

More and more people are consuming cacao and chocolate. Many people are surprised at the nutrients it contains such as vitamin C, fiber and iron. You may be even more surprised to find that raw Cacao contains more antioxidant flavonoids than red wine, green tea and blueberries. For example, fresh blueberries, depending on where they are grown, will have an ORAC score of 16 to 62 μmole TE/g. The antioxidant value of Cocoa (dry powder, unsweetened and not alkalized) produced by standard processes in ORAC units is 556 μmoles TE/g. By comparison, Wilderness Family Naturals' fermented raw cacao powder sold here has an ORAC score of 1086 μmole TE/g, and the non-fermented raw cacao powder boasts an ORAC score of 1549 μmole TE/g. This is nearly 2 ½ times the antioxidants of the same product produced at higher temperatures.

Fermented Cacao Nibs Picture

Fermented Cacao Nibs

These nibs are made from cocoa beans that have fermented for 2-3 days. They have a slight bitter chocolate taste. This is a flavor those who love bitter chocolate are very familiar with. These nibs can be ground into a liquior and used in chocolate recipes or to make home-made chocolates. They can also be used to decorate desserts, added to smoothies or placed in recipes, especially recipes for raw desserts.

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Non-Fermented Cacao Nibs Picture

Non-Fermented Cacao Nibs

These raw cacao nibs, like our raw cacao powder, come from the Dominican Republic. They have a much milder flavor profile than fermented nibs and are great to eat right out of the bag. Cacao nibs are about half oil/butter and half fiber residue which contain some vitamins and minerals. They can be ground into a liquor and used to make raw chocolate treats or used as a natural "chocolate chip" in raw food recipes. Many people like to add them to oatmeal and other hot cereals, trail mixes, smoothies and cookies or bars.

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Raw Cacao Powder Picture

Fermented Raw Cacao Powder

For over 10 years, the only raw cacao powder that was available from manufacturers was produced from fermented raw cacao nibs. However, Wilderness Family Naturals, in the summer of 2013 linked up with a newcomer to cacao production and began offering raw cacao powder from non-fermented nibs. This powder has a high ORAC score of 1377 μmole TE/g.

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Non-Fermented Cacao Powder Picture

Non-Fermented Raw Cacao Powder

This raw cacao powder comes from the Dominican Republic. Because it is not fermented, it has a milder chocolate flavor. This means you may want to use a little more in a recipe for a stronger chocolate flavor, but it also means that you will likely need less sweetener, because it lacks the bitterness of fermented chocolate. This raw cacao powder has an even higher ORAC score that the fermented raw cacao powder (1549 μmole TE/g).

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Raw Cacao Butter Picture

Non-Fermented Raw Cacao Butter

This Raw Cacao Butter is the best you will find, anywhere in the US. It smells deeply of rich chocolate, yet is a light beige color. This butter is completely raw, absolutely delicious, and as unrefined as you can get. Each pound is poured into an oval mold to solidify. This makes it easy to chip off whatever amount you need for a recipe and the packaging stacks well on your shelf. For soft, tender cookies and melt in your mouth treats, this is the cacao butter you need to try!

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