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Many Coconut Oils to Choose From:

We are pleased to offer two quality types of Virgin Coconut Oil:

  • One is a pure, Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil made by centrifugal force
  • The other is a Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil made by dehydrating the coconut at low temperatures and then carefully pressing out and filtering the oil. This last oil is our newest oil and has a lovely, smooth and delicious coconut flavor.

We also offer a Special Organic, Refined Coconut Oil that is manufactured in Indonesia and specially cleaned in Holland.

Virgin Coconut Oil

A Pure, Unrefined Virgin,
Certified Organic, Coconut Oil made
by Centrifugal Force.

Our Virgin Centrifuged Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconuts, which are opened within 48 hours of being picked from the trees. The freshly shelled and chopped coconut flesh is then pressed. The resulting coconut milk emulsion does not exceed 25° C or 78.8° F. This milk emulsion is then placed into a large centrifuge where centrifugal force is used to separate the oil from the water soluble components. Lastly the oil is placed in a vacuum chamber to remove any remaining water. This process yields pure oil with 0.1% Moisture and 57% Lauric Acid content. The temperature of this oil never exceeds 40 degrees C (104 degrees F).

For more information, click Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Certified Organic, Ultra-Clean, Supreme
Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil

No expeller pressed coconut oil in the United States compares with this one! Originally produced in Indonesia, this expeller pressed oil is then shipped to the Netherlands where it is cleaned and purified into ultra-delicate oil used by fine pastry chefs and elite bakeries all over Europe. Since introducing this oil in January 2010, our customers have fallen in love with it. Though not raw, it rivals our virgin coconut oils in lightness and purity.

For more information, click Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil.

Red Palm Oil

Natural Red Palm Oil

Wilderness Family Naturals’ Red Palm Oil contains Carotenoids (Pro-vitamin A), Tocopherols (Vitamin E’s) and Tocotrienols which give it a dark orange-red color. This oil is packed in amber glass to protect those fat soluble, antioxidant vitamins and give it a long shelf-life. Most importantly, however, it is guaranteed to pass your children’s taste test! Because it is made with a special processing and very tight controls, very few red palm oils (if any) can match its quality.

For more information, click Natural Red Palm Oil

Coco loco coconut spread

Certified Organic Coconut Spread

These delicious coconut spreads are made from fresh coconut meat that is dried at low temperatures in the Philippines. It is then pulverized into a paste in a machine that has a cooling jacket to assure the coconut spread is never heated. This last step takes place here in the US in our commercial kitchen.

In comparison most shredded coconut sold in the US (and throughout the world) is blanched at 170-180° F and dried at temperatures between 160-170° F. Our manufacturers keep the temperatures around 103° F and do not blanch the coconuts. Temperatures of the pulverized coconut are around 98° F.

There are absolutely no artificial additives or preservatives in any of these coconut spreads. Wilderness Family Naturals now offers not only 16 oz jars of this wonderful, simple ground coconut, but also three new flavors of this spread.

For more information, click Coconut Spread.

Nut Butter

Certified Organic Nut Butters

Introducing unique nut butters unlike all other nut butters. Each nut butter is made with top quality, certified organic, grade A whole nuts (not pieces like other nut butters). These nuts are all soaked and dehydrated at low temperatures to keep them raw and delicious.

Use these nut butters in fruit or vegetable spreads and dips, on crackers and breads, or even in granola bars, frostings and cookies. They mix well with coconut oil, coconut spread, blended dried fruit, or with fresh fruit, like a banana or avocado.

For more information, click Nut Butters.