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Food Oils

Wilderness Family Naturals specializes in traditional organic oils of premium quality. Please view the categories below to find impeccable oils to meet discriminating taste buds.

Coconut Oil Picture

Organic Coconut Oil

Wilderness Family Naturals has the largest selection of coconut oils in America. Choose from 3 distinctly different methods of extraction. These varieties have been selected after years of experience evaluating and tasting coconut oils, inspecting many manufacturing facilities and receiving lots of customer feedback. You will only find premium quality coconut oils at this site.

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Mary's Saute Oil

Mary's Sauté Oil is made by blending Virgin Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Unrefined Sesame Seed Oil. Each of these oils is raw and minimally processed. This unique combination of oils creates a very unique flavor and is delicious when used for sautéing as well as other applications. It is named after Dr. Mary Enig, a respected researcher in fats and oils who discovered trans fats and much of what we know today about their effect on life.

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Natural Red Palm Oil Picture

Natural Red Palm Oil

There is no red palm oil like this one anywhere else in the United States. It is a specialty product made by special order for us from an eco-friendly company in Malaysia. This oil is high in oleic acid when compared to other red palm oils and is in a liquid state for most of the year. With a remarkable neutral flavor and a dark red-orange color, this oil stands out, both in quality and nutritional value.

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Olive Oil Picture

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Crafted on the coast of the Aegean sea by a Coop of farmers, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil is simply exquisite. Once you have tried it you will never go back to your old brand!

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Popcorn Oil Picture

Organic Popcorn Oil

The absolute best solution for "Theater" popcorn. This oil blend gives the popped corn a nice "buttery" look which is caused by its fat soluble vitamins and a guarantee that almost every kernel will pop. This oil does not oxidize at high cooking temperatures and we use it for more than just popcorn! It contains two of the most stable oils in the world: Red Palm Oil and Organic Coconut Oil.

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Sesame Seed Oil Picture

Organic Sesame Seed Oil

This organic sesame seed oil is specially made for Wilderness Family Naturals. Organic Sesame Seeds are slowly pressed so heat is not generated and the resulting oil is simply superb!

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