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Sprouting Supplies

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The Easy Sprouter is for the couple or small family and will do one type of sprout or blend of sprouts at a time. Easy, simple and low cost, many people find it the perfect sprouter for them. The biosta sprouter has three tiers and can have 3 different types of sprouts, all kept separate or can have similar sprouts at different stages of growth and development. This is for the larger family or the person who wants more than a few sprouts once or twice a week. However, for those serious sprouters, and those who might juice wheat grass or serve large groups of people, the Fresh Life Sprouter is the "Cadillac" of sprouters. It comes with an automatic watering system and the quality of sprouts, as well as the ease of sprouting large volumes is amazing. With 3 distinctly different sprouters to choose from there has to be one to fit your needs!

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Sprouting Seeds

Choose from a wide variety of sprouting seeds. Buy by the pound with a number of different seeds so you can discover your favorites! Some types of seeds have higher germination rates; some require soil, others sprout quickly while some take almost 7 days to sprout. Discover which seeds work best for you and your family.

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