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Raw Products

Wilderness Family Naturals strives to offer raw foods that are both delicious and shelf stable. We often go to great lengths, working with manufacturers from all over the world as well as chefs in our own kitchens, to create foods that meet strict guidelines, remains raw, and are superior in quality. Below you will find categories of foods that are delectable, yet raw. Our goal is to increase this list every year and bring you a wide variety of mouth-watering choices to serve your family and guests.

Chocolate Foods Picture

Chocolate Foods

Raw cacao contains nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber and iron. Raw Cacao also contains more antioxidant flavonoids than red wine, green tea and blueberries. Choices from this category include raw chocolate ingredients, as well as foods that contain raw cacao such as hot chocolate mix, chocolate nut butters, chocolate spreads and chocolate syrup. All raw and all super delicious!

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Coconut Products Picture

Coconut Products

Wilderness Family Naturals has the largest selection of organic, raw coconut products in America. Truly, your Raw Coconut Source! With two distinctly different raw, virgin coconut oils, four sizes of low temperature dried coconut flakes, organic raw coconut flour, raw, organic coconut spreads, raw, unpasteurized coconut vinegar, and raw coconut bars, the selection is huge!

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Culturing Products Picture

Culturing Products

Wilderness Family Naturals offers a variety of natural probiotic cultures and appliances specific for making cultured foods. We hope to make it easy for you to create your own cultured foods. Choose from rennet for cheese making, several different yogurt starters, kefir starter, cultured vegetable starter and ancient fermented milk starter. And to make it even simpler, we offer a number of options for incubation should you need a constant temperature (required with all yogurts).

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Food Oils Picture

Food Oils

Choose from 2 distinctly different, raw virgin coconut oils as well as other raw traditional oils such as a special extra virgin olive oil made by centrifuge on the coast of the Aegean sea, and an organic, raw sesame seed oil that is not only unrefined, but produced at low enough temperatures to be considered raw. Wilderness Family Naturals is an excellent place to purchase high quality, traditional oils that are carefully produced with little or no heat generation (under 104 degrees F).

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Fruits & Vegetables Picture

Fruits & Vegetables

These dried and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are packaged with an oxygen absorber and moisture absorber. Since they have low moisture content, they can be stored at room temperatures for many months, sometime years. Having Organic, Kosher Dehydrated Fruits on hand is an easy way to add color, antioxidants, and nutrients to the diet, especially when they are processed at low temperatures.

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Herbs A-Z Picture

Herbs A-Z

Are you looking for bulk herbs? With over 600 herbs to choose from, roots, leaves and flowers, powdered, cut or whole, Wilderness Family Naturals is the place to shop for carefully dehydrated, high quality herbs. It pays to look around and save!

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Nuts & Seeds Picture

Nuts & Seeds

Every hand-selected nut is grown on a small, organic family farm. These nuts are available in bulk as raw and unprocessed nuts that have simply been de-shelled or soaked and dehydrated nuts which have been processed at the Wilderness Family Naturals facility in Minnesota. Unique nut blends are also ground into delicious nut butters that have no rival. All nuts with volatile oils are stored in a temperature controlled environment and everything is sealed in vapor barrier, foil bags or jars to protect and seal in the freshness. All processing, whether soaked and dehydrated or ground into nut butter, is done slowly so that very low temperatures are generated and the products can still be considered raw.

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Salt Picture


Enjoy Natural salts from around the world. They are not smoked or refined. They do not have anything added to them and still contain their natural colors, minerals, and other constituents. These salts come from: the Murray River in Australia, the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, the red coves of Hawaii, the salt mines in India and the Salt beds in Europe. Each salt has a distinctly different color and flavor!

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Snack Foods Picture

Snack Foods

Choose from moist, delicious snack bars made from raw nuts, coconut and raw agave, or a variety of sizes of trail mix and small single serving sizes of soaked and dried nuts or fruits. It is certainly nice to have something around for the munchies and as well as long trips with the children!

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Spices & Seasonings Picture

Spices & Seasonings

Looking for Organic Seasonings and Spices in glass spice jars? You won't believe the selection you'll find! Purchase premium organic spices and seasonings from Wilderness Family Naturals and get twice the volume for half the price!

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Sprouting Seeds Picture

Sprouting Seeds

Sprouting is easy to do and will add both fiber and nutrients to your diet. Check out all your choices. You will find a plethora of seeds that can be used with many different sprouters and sprouting methods.

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Sweeteners - Natural Picture

Sweeteners - Natural

Check out our organic raw agave! Rather than standard agave, which is made at 160-170 degrees F in a 16-17 hour time period, this agave takes 4-5 days and the temperatures are not allowed to exceed 104 degrees. It is made by natural fermentation of the inulin found in the agave plant and the last bit of water removed solely by lowering the atmospheric pressure. This sweetener receives minimal processing and contains the maximum amount of original nutrients.

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