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Wilderness Family Naturals has a variety of natural sweeteners, from organic raw agave and raw honey to evaporated cane juice and sugar made from the sap of the coconut tree (called coconut sap sugar or evaporated coconut water).  Each sweetener is processed as little as possible to bring our customers all the natural goodness they have to offer.

Agave Nectar Picture

Agave Nectar

This raw, unrefined, natural sweetener is imported from Mexico.  It is dark in color because it has not had any of the naturally occurring constituents that form during the fermentation process removed by filtering.  While standard agave is made at 160 degree F and takes about 16 hours, this agave never gets above 104 degrees and takes 4-5 days to produce.  The entire process is completely natural. No enzymes or bacteria are added.  No heat is used.  Inulin from the Pina of the Blue Agave plant is simply extrapolated into water by soaking and then naturally occurring enzymes contained in the pina break the inulin down into simple sugars over a period of days.  You will not find a more natural, unadulterated agave nectar in America!

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Coco Monkey Sweetener

Coco Monkey

Coco Monkey is a unique sweetener. It is organic, sweet, and made from all natural ingredients while exhibiting no aftertaste or "twang". Coco Monkey is the first Organic, no fat, low calorie sweetener in the US. The small amount of calories in this product are from coconut fiber.

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Coconut Sugar Picture

Coconut Sugar

Produced by collecting the flowing sap (coconut water) from coconut trees and simmering them until the sugars crystallize, this organic, artisan sweetener has the flavor of brown sugar with all the natural goodness of coconut water!

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Coconut Syrup Picture

Coconut Syrup

This delicious syrup is great as a topping on desserts, ice cream, pancakes, oatmeal and all kinds of foods. You can use it in your homemade granola, apple crisp or gluten-free cinnamon rolls. Containing all the natural goodness of coconut water, this is a wonderful syrup to use in place of honey, maple syrup or molasses.

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Inulin Picture


Wilderness Family Naturals' organic inulin has a neutral, clean, mildly sweet flavor. It is not nearly as sweet as sugar, but definitely enhances sweetness when added to foods. There are 10 grams of fiber in a one ounce serving.
Because inulin is a fiber, it has no real caloric value, meaning, it does not convert into calories or energy in the body. However, it is the benefits of fiber and the "feeding" of gut flora that make inulin a nice ingredient.

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Muscovado Sugar Picture

Muscovado Sugar

This sweetener is made by soaking sugar cane and then simmering the sweet water until it crystallizes.  Coconut Water and Philippine limes are used as antifoaming agents.  The Filipino people have a great process for making this "raw" sugar because it does not have the strong flavor that similar products contain, nor the dark color.  It tastes more like brown sugar than burnt sugar and I have not been able to find any "raw" cane sugar product that tastes as nice as this.  That is why we import it from the Philippines!

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Vegetable Glycerine Picture

Vegetable Glycerine

Made in the Philippines, this vegetable glycerine is made from coconut oil.  Vegetable glycerine is actually the backbone of the triglyceride molecule and has a slightly sweet taste.  When used in baked goods and bars it adds moisture and softness, but very few "useable" calories.  Vegetable glycerine is commonly used in low calorie and diet bars for this reason.  If can be used to sweeten tea, in lots of recipes and is much thinner in consistence than other sweeteners such as honey and agave.  Shelf stable at room temperature.

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