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Bulk Products

On this page you will discover all the products found at Wilderness Family Naturals that can be purchased in large "bulk" sizes. Buying in bulk will save you money since all of these products are discounted compared to the smaller sizes.

Chocolate Products Picture

Chocolate Products

All Wilderness Family Naturals' Chocolate products are made from organic raw cacao grown in Peru. They do not contain any preservatives, white sugar, binders or thickeners. Because our raw cacao has such an incredible ORAC score all these items contain the antioxidants found in chocolate.

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Coconut Products Picture

Coconut Products

Click here for the largest selection of coconut products in North America. The list includes 3 types of coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut vinegar, coconut flakes, coconut sugar, coconut spreads, coconut milk, coconut water and coconut cream.

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Don't miss our famous organic mayonnaise made from virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive and unrefined sesame seed oil. In addition, we have a wide variety of organic salad dressings made from these same traditional oils.

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Food Oils Picture

Food Oils

All kinds of traditional oils can be found here including an orangutan-friendly red palm oil, unrefined sesame seed oil, a special organic centrifuged extra virgin olive oil and a wide assortment of our famous coconut oils.

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Fruits & Vegetables Picture

Fruits & Vegetables

Choose from a wide assortment of freeze dried berries and fruits as well as organic air-dried fruits like mango, Inca berries (golden berries) and goji berries.

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Natural Sweeteners Picture

Natural Sweeteners

We have a large assortment of natural sweeteners which include Muscovado, an unrefined sugar from Asia, Coconut Sugar from Indonesia, a wild Jungle Honey that contains bee pollen and raw, minimally processed agave from Mexico.

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Nut Butters Picture

Nut Butters

Each organic nut is first soaked and then dried. Then different varieties of nuts are combined and ground into the most delicious nut butters you have ever tasted. There are 5 different unique combinations to choose from and none of them will disappoint!

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Other Products Picture

Other Products

A wide variety of non-gluten grains and 3 types of natural (not hybridized) wild rice are available in 20-50 pound bulk bags. They store well and should keep for many years, in addition, their quality, simply cannot be beaten.

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Raw Nuts & Seeds Picture

Raw Nuts & Seeds

Wilderness Family Naturals has a huge selection of raw nuts and seeds that should cover any needs or desires. These items have not been soaked and dehydrated. They are sold as received from the farm.

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S & D Nuts & Seeds Picture

S & D Nuts & Seeds

For the checkout counter or the munchies, purchasing snack foods by the case if a great idea!

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Snack Foods Picture

Snack Foods

Purchase any of our soaked and dehydrated nuts in a 25# box. Great for buying clubs who want to do their own packaging and save. Excellent for the manufacturer who wants soaked and dehydrated nuts in their bars, cereals, or snacks.

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